Bespoke Quilting

Using Bespoke Quilting to create a room feature

Featuring bespoke quilting in your bedroom really does offer a touch of glam. However, according to, “choosing the right fabric can be tricky, especially when there are so many to choose from”.

Finding inspiration for a bespoke quilted bedspread or a throw design can come from a variety of sources within the interior space. Here at Cush Cush, our design team recommends looking at the room in its whole entirety. When considering bespoke quilting, pick out a one-off feature as the basis of the design or select a consistent pattern which runs as a theme throughout the room interior. The quilting design could be inspired from a pattern in a wallpaper, a feature cushion positioned on the bed or chair, or ultimately whereby a pattern is traced around throughout the design of the bedspread fabric.

Bespoke quilting combines a variety of quilted patterns depending on the fabric pattern. Fabrics which are printed using floral and foliage or ditsy designs and those that use animal or Chinese motifs work well with this technique. So do, repetitive textile designs such as geometrical, damask, fleur-de-lis and brocade fabric.

Whether simple or complex, creating a uniquely designed feature quilt by applying bespoke quilting will lift the shape of the quilt and enhance its grandeur whilst creating a prominent feature within the room, to really make a difference.

Commissioning Bespoke Quilting by Cush Cush

To find out more about commissioning a handmade bespoke quilted bedspread, manufactured by Cush Cush, please contact us or see our website for further details. Using a bespoke quilting technique, we offer a range of patterns to suit your choice of fabric and create individually designed handmade quilted bedspreads in all bed sizes from single and double to king size and super king size.

Find out more about fabric patterns:

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