Quilted Bedspread Styles

Throw Over


The throw over bedspread is a popular design as it enables easy use and making of the bed each day. Any type or of style bed sheets can be used underneath as the throw is then placed over the top hiding everything and easily dressing the bed to match or co-ordinate the rest of the furnishings in the room. This is one of our most popular products due to its versatility.

Fully Fitted/Quilted Bedspread


The fully fitted/quilted bedspread is used as a more formal style bedspread where the user would probably use fitted sheets or light bedding underneath. It saves on space and makes the bed very tidy without splaying out into the rest of the room, and also hides any under sheets and enables the bedspread to match or co-ordinate the rest of the furnishings in the room.



The fully fitted bedspread with a gathered skirt is a traditional style bedspread being quilted only on the top; it gives the same effect as a fully fitted/quilted bedspread but being a bit softer around the sides and being a bit lighter to handle on a daily basis, still hiding any under sheets and enabling the bedspread to match and co-ordinate the rest of the furnishings in the room.

There is a choice of quilting patterns including the more popular shell design , channel design, rose and vine design and snowflake design. We also offer an outline quilting service where we can outline the pattern on the fabric, this can be effective on stripes and larger floral or abstract patterns, most patterns can be outlined and we will be happy to advise on this service

The finishes on the throw over bedspreads can vary with the option of having a bound edge, a flat padded edge, a ruched padded edge or a frilled edge.

The fitted bedspreads can have either a fully quilted side and bottom edge bound with a kick pleat in a contrasting or same fabric, frilled lined or unlined sides, straight un-quilted lined or unlined sides with kick pleats in the corners or a box pleat lined or unlined valance round the base. We recommend that you have the top edge and gussets piped as this helps the bedspread to sit flat on the bed.

Other accessories include quilted pillow shams and quilted cushions, which can have a house wife flap around the edge, piping, frilling or simply plain finish. These can have the quilting to match your bedspread so whether you choose the shell pattern or outlining they will all co-ordinate.

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