• super king size bed custom quilt Size matters with a super king size bed - So, you have bought your super king size bed and it fits perfectly in your room, what next? Add some beautiful bed linen and a luxurious custom made quilted king size bedspread, made by Cush Cush and your bed will be complete! The next stage is how to set about choosing an extra-large quilted bedspread […]
  • handmade roman blinds Handmade Roman Blinds add a touch of elegance this winter - This weekend marks the end of British summertime, as we turn our clocks back by one hour and snuggle in for the Autumn and Winter seasons. If you would prefer not to see the outdoor darkness and would instead, like to add a touch of elegance across your windows. Why not brighten up your winter […]
  • commercial interior trade luxury bedspreads Luxury Quilted Bedspreads for commercial interior trade - Did you know that here at Cush Cush, we not only supply individual customer order requests, but also provide a trade service in luxury custom quilted bedspreads to commercial interior trade account holders? If you are a hotelier, a B&B owner, or provide an interior design or soft furnishings service and would like to place […]
  • Customised Quilts and Throws for Autumn Customised Quilts and Throws through the seasons - As we drift from summer into the autumn season, now is the time to begin thinking about how we can re-modernise our bedrooms by changing our customised quilts and throws ready to reflect the change in season. If you have been used to a light summer king size quilted throw over the last few months, […]
  • Bespoke Quilting Using Bespoke Quilting to create a room feature - Featuring bespoke quilting in your bedroom really does offer a touch of glam. However, according to, “choosing the right fabric can be tricky, especially when there are so many to choose from”. Finding inspiration for a bespoke quilted bedspread or a throw design can come from a variety of sources within the interior space. […]
  • super king quilted bedspread Redesigning a bedroom with a super king quilted bedspread - If you are thinking of re-designing your bedroom with new décor or looking to enhance the existing style of the room, then using the bed as a focal point and adding a super king quilted bedspread can really make a statement to the interior. “The bed will be the superstar that is showcased, and will […]
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